Industrial group – Paint & Chemistry

By calling upon KPNS group, you are insured to benefit from technical skills, precision and efficient processes that make our reputation.

  • One cluster of industrial paint manufacturing gathering Piramide.
  • One cluster of industrial Chemistry Laboratory represented by Kitel.

Our aim? To precisely address your request, of course, but also to transmit to you the warmth and the values that lead us.

Production sites

Chemistry Laboratory in Saintes
Paint Manufacturing on :
Charente Maritime, 17 Saintes.

Sectors of activity

Industry, Railway, Petrochemical, Military, Nuclear, Food-processing, Agriculture, Small industry, Automobile, Local government, Civil engineering (...)

Accounting department

K.P.N.S. 32 Rue du Moulin de Paban – ZI des Charriers – BP 30037 – 17102 SAINTES Cedex
Tél +33 5 46 74 11 42

Don’t hesitate to contact us

Saintes (17) : +33 5 46 74 11 42

Some of our brand partners… …

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Industrial Paint

Industrial Chemistry